Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walkies, walkies time for mine and yours constitutional.

What a lovely morning, for a walk I might do this more often.
The school grounds, only 2 more weeks left for  Aj the schoolboy.
Lots of Rules, this is the only top class field left without damage, lucky that, because it was only opened a few months ago.
One of the oldest buildings at the School, the Chapel.
St Bedes, oops I forgot the School Fair, everyone but me is setting up.
I'll linger and admire the clock. Christmas present maybe.
My favourite shop Prescense, time for a spot of window shopping before  continuing the walk.
Beautiful blooms outside the Motel.
The first rose of Summer. How did that get in here.
The house on the corner has a very nice flowering tree.
The Main North road, I'm turning left but right is the road North out of the city.
Prestons Road to the right rural land and market gardens.But we go left.
The park across the road. Almost home.
 I couldn't sleep in, always seem to get up at 6.30am even when it is the weekend, so thought I would go for a walk. Nobody around much at that time, so I took my camera, not my most interesting post, but it's a look at New Zealand on a beautiful Spring morning, we are going to have an early Summer and it's meant to be long and hot summer, o.k we have heard it before but fingers and toes crossed that 2010 will be great.

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  1. Lovely morning walk, so nice when you are the only one about.