Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last day of school for the baby of the family, ok I did blub.

A bit apprehensive.
Do you have to take a photo of me, yse I do.
Only photo which I got of Aj in church.
Year 13 Haka for rest of school and families.
Both Aj and Tom at school for the last time.
Boys hold on together to sing school hymn.
Very emotional day for me today, Aj has finished school, if those of you with younger children think first day of school is bad then just wait. Aj was very apprehensive at the thought of leaving, but he has hated leaving Kindy and Primary school so it wasn't surprising . It was extremely hot in the Hall which is used as a Chapel in these special occasions and  one woman fainted, I wasn't far behind, heat and emotion doesn't bode well at anytime. When they put their arms around each other  to sing the school hymn after communion there wasn't a mother who wasn't crying. We all trooped out to the sunshine and watched the Haka, some people don't understand the Haka it  is a challange in a war situation , it's a warning, but also a mark of respect and the Haka at  the end of year, is for the boys that remain at school, the  teachers and particularly the parents. I will try to put on the video I took up sometime but it's beyond me at this time, I'll have to appeal to" the men" for help.  Afterwards Basil and "the men" went down to the pub which is a tradition for the 18's and overs to go have a drink with some of the teachers , while I went to one of the best craft shop in Christchurch called Hands, no photos though, bought some punches for work and had a good look round always great stuff. Some lovely things caught my eye and I'll go back next week. That's it for now stinking hot day so off to relax and snooze perhaps. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Sounds like a very emotional time and what a wonderful way to celebrate it.

  2. It all sounds like a wonderful reason to celebrate! I have my second in a row about to graduate high's hard to believe.