Sunday, November 28, 2010

ECQ - did you know you got piles?

The EQC people have been through the house, all very unexpected, they turned up at the door and gave Basil a time to be prepared for them, he rang me, I came home early and Bob's your uncle. The house has to be repiled etc etc and work done inside, the floor slopes in all directions and the deck and pergola (which the house insurance pay for ) re-done, as it's just holding on. So the forms will be filed and work MAYBE done in or around June 2011, which is good because the shaking will have hopefully stopped. It is a load of my mind and I feel much more relaxed, the guys who did the survey are from the North Is. and Australia which is amazing that they have come so far to help, to be fair they do get paid, but great to see as the EQC are pushing ahead with the 100.000 or so claims. I got home to find a letter from IRD, returning over, well over $500.00 of my hard earned money, it goes in the pot for Christmas, that's a nice surprise, fancy giving me back my own money which they shouldn't have had anyway. Well that's it, had to share my news, it's good the house has been looked at and the money is a nice bonus. Love to all Aunt Bee.....I hate to say it but another gorgeous day here almost to hot.........sorry to anyone reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm thinking of you and the cold.


  1. Glad to hear that your house will be sorted next you say, hopefully all the shaking will be fixed by then.