Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have finished work for 2010, start the merry making and blogging catch-up.

Taken on Tuesday morning on the way to work. 7.30am and already  26c.
Lovely red toile pillow cases, and paper mache bowl for my eggs it's very deceptive as it holds easily 2 dozen eggs. A candle holder which is beautiful and 2 nice tins.All bought last weekend at the market and CS shop.The weather has been stinking hot with a  hot NWesterly wind yesterday doing so much damage to the trees and gardens.On the way home from work there were trees down over the road which makes for interesting driving for me and my small car with avoiding the trees and trying to keep the car on the road in over 100km an hour winds. The large glass jar which does have Cookies on the other side, I wanted to put my flour in this after watching Ina G (I love that woman in a cooking sense), using large glass jars for her flour, sugar etc. And a linen hat to ward off the sun, which has been beating down on us without mercy.


  1. Good to see you can have a rest now....
    I arrive at Christchurch... to Kylies...... Jan 1st for 5 days
    have a great christmas

  2. You have the heat, we have the cold! Never a happy medium aye?!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family Barbara. I hope you have a lovely break and that Santa is good to you! I can't wait to open the rest of my parcels from you under the tree(but I will wait. lol) Thanks again for being my swap partner, I'll get back to you after I've opened them all - prob 27th as we're going away for Christmas.
    Hugs, Nicky

  4. It's freezing here in 'Sunny Devon,UK!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas!
    Love, Sal x