Friday, December 3, 2010

A quick look at things received and sent for Christmas Swaps. Market buys.

My swap gifts before posting to my partner.
Mags to make my heart beat faster. Delicious smelly cinnamon/rosehip pot pourii
Lovely goodies
Gorgeous parcel from Jeni
2 sheets,  sultana loaf, marshmallow slice, a pretty tin, gingham table cloth
6 avos for $5, what a bargain


  1. Your 6 items xmas swap looks Lovely..all those Mags to read...Enjoy!!

  2. Great swaps and gifts, and yummy avocados - certainly a bargain! Enjoy your magazines.

  3. Hello Bee! Thank you for your kind comment at I am always happy to hear from new visitors. I love this photo with the radishes. I love growing them in the spring. They are always gorgeous when they are pulled from the ground! Makes me look forward to spring. 10" of snow here today. The kids are loving it!