Thursday, December 23, 2010

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Thank-you for being you.

What's that under my tree, yes, dear readers a Cath Kidston hanger, well a hanger covered in CK fabric. My dear friend Mare gave it to me, she actually listens to my ravings. So Merry Christmas Everyone, It's been just over a year of bloging I was going to mark the occasion but an Eartquake got in the way. I want to say how much I pleasure I get from reading the over 100 blogs I keep on my favourites, and there are so many, I'll just say to the British bloggers thanks for reminding me of my 4 wonderful years in Britain and the kindness of the British people I met there, Aussie bloggers you are undoubtably some of the best craftswomen in the world and to my fellow Kiwi bloggers, one day I'll pick up the courage to arrange a meeting becos it nice to know I'm not on my own, loving the things I love, not to forget the Americans who always are so interesting to read and though thousands of miles away it so nice to see we share the same likes and the same stresses know matter where we are in the world. And that's the rub isn't it we are so alike we have so much in common and we are spread across the world sharing with each other our own personnal but oddly familar lifes. There we are, have a Merry Christmas and New Year, lots of lovely things and more importantly lots of lovely people to spend time with. Aunt Bee.xxxxx


  1. A very Merry Christmas to you as well. Have a lovely day with your family and have a fantastic New Year.

  2. Thank you for visiting and leaving me a message. It's lovely to find new blogs! I have a friend who went to live in NZ about 15 years ago ans she loves it there.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Lisa x

  3. Hi there, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the gorgeous gifts you sent. The bag is beautiful, and by one of my fave designers, and the other goodies are brilliant, I feel spoiled rotten. Thanks also for the gifts for the girls, they didn't last long once they were opened. LOL. Hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas.