Saturday, December 12, 2009

When 4 cans of beetroot are 4 to many.

Baz is very good when it comes to housework and other chores around the house and I really appreciate his work but when it comes to food shopping although I trust him with the staples, toilet paper, soap etc when it comes to food he's a bit useless. Last week he bought some supplies as he calls them (army training) and said "I got loo paper, and cat's food and a real bargain". "What was that dear", I said." 5 cans for $6.00". "Oh",said I,"What would they be, fruit or beans"."No beetroot". " Beetroot you got 5 cans of beetroot for $6.00 how can that be a bargain your the only one who eats it and that's at least a years supply". I was amazed, I really hate beetroot and  he was hurt I didn't admire his shopping skills, but to be honest it will be up to me to include this tinned treat into his meals in the future because with all his abilities cooking isn't one of them.When we were first going out he invited me back to his place for a meal, and I kid you not, in huge quantities in front of me was, boiled white fish, boiled white potatoes, boiled cauliflower and white sauce the consistency of wallpaper paste. It was so horrible it is burned in my memory for these last 28 years. So under pressure, if he must in dire emergencies he will cook or to be fair he does takeaways. He is always appreciative of the meals I cook, and doesn't mind eating  the experiments which have been a constant part of my cooking over the years, it's because if I like the look of a recipe but find I don't have all the ingredients I throw in what I think will work, the up side is I have created some awesome meals, but the down side is I never can remember what I put in the dish in the first place. I also have had some brilliant and disastrous meals because I now find it very difficult to see close up wearing my glasses, so I take them off (and can't remember where I left them), I have made a Pav with salt, and shortcrust savoury pastry with cornstarch, but I have made an awesome Pav by bunging everything in together  and beating it to death and made genius fudge by omitting an ingredient altogether. Actually I always have had trouble with my eyesight, Baz loves to tell the story of my mistaking his socks for the cat and talking to them for 5 minutes before he told I was cooing to his work socks.( Wasn' wearing my glasses at the time, in my defence). A little cruel I feel.Thats it for now, Tom wants the computer, and because I will undoubtable need his help in the future with this blog I shall let him have it. Am doing a few secret sewing things at the moment, so off to watch The Last Samurai, for the 100th time (not really true but feels like it) and a little bit of crochet. Aunt Bee.

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