Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pjamas are not mall wear.

This is terrible, I've downloaded some photos, tried numerous times to find them, can't, tried to then tidy up my photo folders, I then found I've duplicated some stuff, totally lost other stuff and can't seem to fix Tom, no good at AJ no good at home and has given up on me. So no photos today, and I'm going to have a moan, right I'm mature over 50 year old, like a ripe cheese or a fine wine and whine I shall, went to the local mall with "the men " yesterday, fine had a great time, went early as Tom had work, and while waiting for  the" beastie brothers" to get food in the food court I saw a young woman I thinking 19 to 23, with a baby not a baby, baby, a 8 month old thereabouts waiting a the Indian food place in her pjama bottoms. Now this is the most bloody stupid dress trend I have seen, I know it's been done for awhile but it is so tacky to say the least,  there are implications if you wear your PJ's out of the house,1.your lazy,   2. your slovenly, they don't look good, they look like well worn jamas. 3. it's a question of knowing what is appropriate dress, this isn't hard, it's a learning at your mothers knee thing, 4.   you are sending a message to everyone who sees you and I don't think we are all getting the same message.   So that's my rant, I asked AJ what he thought of girls who wear their PJ's out and he said something very rude, I myself years ago when we had only one car and Basil was on early shift would at 4 or 5 in the morning drop him at work in my nightie and dressing gown, hoping and praying nobody saw me and taking money for petrol if I should be so unlucky to run out, when out.  We lived in a rural area then and taking him to work wasn't such a long drive but each time I had to do it, it was not a look at me thing it was a please don't look at me, and pray to God I get home un-noticed thing. Well I feel better, it is nice to get that off my chest, I shall now go and trace (God help me) a pattern from a Burda book I got from the library, the librarian said "Yoy do know you can only have magazines for 2 weeks now don't you." Yeah right trying to decipher these patterns is like deciphering a WW1 code, it will take more than 2 weeks to get it done. Then Basil is muttering about the movies as we have free tickets, so we want to see "Sherlock Holmes" which I'm really excited about seeing, not to see Jude Law, what do people(women) see in him, he's so pasty looking and weak, give be Robert Downey Jr anyday. So I'm off, have a nice day and enjoy the holiday. Aunty Bee

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