Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I have been busy, well that's my excuse.

Me and Basil enjoying my work dinner, he's not drinking so I can , what a man. But to be honest there's a story here which I will tell tomorrow.
I have been remiss in the exteme, not bloggin for awhile, but I have been busy. At my work we feel we must  celebrate Christmas at least 3 times, a big lunch out, at the local working man's club, very nice, a dinner last friday night at The Chateau, and then breakkie this morning, followed by a clean-up and our tradition of a friendly game girls vs boys of Trivial Pursuit or something similar, while eating chocolates and having a drink. It's then officially all over for the year and holidays begin for nearly 3 weeks. Yeah run around room naked yelling and shouting yeah...............well not really but that's what I'm doing inside, will do a better blog entry tomorrow as I have found an interesting shop. Love Aunt Bee.

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