Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all.

The pretzel things, salty and chocolately, very yum.The truffles, why do truffles never look as nice as they really are.
The lovely cake, the next shot will show you that Duff Goldman has nothing to fear from AJ and I. My sister the Contessa said "Who ? Duff beer." "NO I said Duff from Ace of Cakes."Aj and I had a play but it's harder than it looks or harder than the guys at Ace of Cakes make it look.
I thought I better explain the last post, no I'm not overly fond of drinking as that photo might have you believe, and although I said we finish our working year playing a game, eating chocolates and drinking, the drinking is of the fizzy, no not wine but the pop kind. I should also say that the night out at The Chateau was great up until the waitress told us at 10pm. we couldn't order any more too drink because they were being responsible hosts and we were getting noisy. Well, we were in a private room, no one was drunk and we are always noisy, we protested that we were always loud and we were being quiet compared to our work lunch times, (we for the last 12 years we have played Trivial Pursuit in all it's editions and any other word game that ten people can play, every lunch time except for Mondays when Mare, Shiraz and I do crosswords.) Can you imagine how loud we are, as we play boys vs girls, I want to say here and now the boys say they won this year but we know they put more marks up on the board than they won, I know we are so bloody competetive. But we had to leave and go to the bar where they were happy to serve us, yes well if you want to clean up the room you only have to say. I feel better I have that off my chest. Just a few photos, of my delicious truffles and a new thing that is a pretzel, with a rolo on top (heated 4 minutes in oven) and a M&M or pecan on top. I have to go , to take the beef and chicken out of the fridge to defrost, everything is done, or can only be done  tomorrow. I wish everyone a lovely Christmas, it's just us 4 for Christmas and it's always a good day although Basil usually likes to get us on a route march in the afternoon in preparation for the Christmas dinner, as it meant to be 25c tomorrow I know 3 people who will be avoiding it at all costs. Best Wishes from Aunt Bee, Basil, Tom and AJ, not forgetting Dave.

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