Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slim Pickens in the frost.

Don't normally buy shoes, but they fitted, a rare occurence,as I have Hobbit feet, little but wide.
I love Scottie dogs and tartan, it must be my Houston genes coming through.
Just another week at Mayberry, Basil on night shift, the boys not at Uni, exams and a holiday, and me mother slave, nursemaid, only person who can do laundry, getting grumpy by the minute. Yes I was a little tetchy by the end of the week and it's only when I get angry with them do they do anything. As soon as they see me come up the drive that they get off the bloody couch. Sitting there or the computers, or playstation watching reruns of The Bill, playing some alien killing game or Facebooking. Until I actually turn in the drive and then they scatter to pick something up so they have something in their hands as proof of work, then they have the cheek to ask "what's for dinner"?
Basil said on Friday night don't worry about dinner I'll cook, trying desperately to deflect my wrath, so we had takeaways, of course.
Saturday morning Aj drove to work, I have to go as adult driver,  and it was bloody freezing that is not swearing, that is  a metrological expression  for a bone chilling, snow like, wintery, crunching, icy ground covering. The sun was raising and it was strangely beautiful, but  in a why hasn't this boy got his restricted licence way, so I can stay in bed.
Only 3 books today, yes I love cowboy books I never said I wasn't a little strange.
 Went home to look at the housework and then set out for the market. As it was raining last week they didn't turn up, so I was happy to see it was open, but very few stalls, but I found a few things. Then on the way home saw a garage sale sign and I stopped, something I very rarely do and found something cute for a $1, I'm not a garage saler, never have been and I don't know why, just like the market atmosphere I think. It's Sunday morning here and it's raining, I have to remind Aj to get up for training and then Tom and his mate Ginge are going to do some training as they have joined a JuJitsu club and are trying to get fitter as they both could only crawl around on Friday after a 3 hour session on Thursday. Apparently weight lose of up to 7 kgs a week is not unusual doing the training, yes I did think about it for a nanosecond and then it went to a place were all stupid thoughts go, out of my head.I shall now go to the living area couch with a hot cuppa and my cowboy book as the warm living room has a ginger haired young man asleep on the couch. Sorry about the lazy men moan but it really drives me nuts  when I see them jump up of the couch when I drive up. Love to you all Aunt Bee.
P.S. Basil got a letter last week saying our driveway is going to be fixed, we both thought that's wonderful, I told everyone at work and they were to hear someone at last was getting some repairs on their quake damaged home, till Basil rang to tell me he had read it wrong and  yes we will get the drive done but after the house is fixed sometime next year.You have got to laugh, but at least we got a letter, we have had no confirmation that the house is going to be fixed anyway. then to rub salt in to the wound the people over the street got their new drive finished yesterday. Keep safe that's what people say in Christchurch to each other when parting it's almost the city's motto.


  1. My new motto will be "Went home to look at the housework" Yes summer hols are upon us here, daughter has a full time job during her Uni break. Son will sit on his behind all summer if I let him. He needs a list. I have NEVER done it before, but I think it is worth a try.

  2. I have three teenage boys and I hear your pain!
    What can you do, moan 24/7. It takes way too much energy to do it, sometimes I just surrender. Sometimes the dragon does awake too.
    Bummer about your repairs. Fingers crossed the workers across the street noticed yours and come back?

  3. Hello Aunty Bee, how nice to meet you!
    Thank you for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment. Seems you've had a frustrating week, I only had a daughter, but she wasn't keen on housework when she still lived at home either! (If it's any consolation she's a neat queen now she has her own house. She even apologised that she didn't help out much at home!)
    I like what I've seen and I shall certainly be back.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  4. You are keeping busy there, I see. I have a couple teenagers in the house, and they sure are wonderful but a lot more work than just a few years ago:) Nice to "meet" you, I'm glad to make new friends!

  5. Thanks for visiting . Your house sounds very normal. hope the shelf fit o.k

  6. Hang in there Aunty Bee. I don't have teenagers yet, but I know the feeling already. They complain about their 'chores' already, saying it's not fair they should do any work... yeah, right!
    Did you get my email last week with my address? I also need yours, we are back now and despite having a bad cold, things are back to normal and I will be able to post your parcel tomorrow. xx