Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's Queen's Birthday Long weekend....... probably the Queen has no idea.

The Queen's birthday weekend always the first weekend in June so we can have the Monday off, and very grateful we are to her because we don't get another holiday weekend till October. So we go through winter with no long weekend and only the dream of a snow day to keep us going, and to be fair we have only had two snow days in the last 14 years, so we are always hopeful but  resigned to full winter of work.
No market for me this week, trying to not go every week, trying to be find a home for all the things I have got, which I know many of you struggle with, in that we need larger houses, to be honest even if my house was larger it would soon fill up, I have a better chance of more room in this house when one or both of "the men" go flatting.
I love honey.
trying to be more adventurous in my fabric choices
Miss Marple, perfect for a long weekend
I have had a ordinary week, but bought myself, o.k. disregard  what I just said earlier, I bought myself a very cute honey pot and yesterday bought 2 pieces of fabric and 2 small pieces of felt, the fabric was on sale and crying out to me "take me home", I always for sorry for crying fabric. 
Miss Marple I enjoyed it in a I wish they didn't put her in stories she never appeared in books way. I love the acting and the clothes of the era and Julia McKenzie is fine, I see there is a boxed set out but I didn't get it as although I'm Agatha Christie mad I wasn't sure I would watch them.
I've been tagged as I don't quite get how to do it yet, I'm leaving it till tomorrow, I'll have to think, (which always hurts) about my answers. Love Aunt Bee. It's just got very dark and windy and colder, so they did get the weather forecast right, we will have to send them some flowers and encouragement so they can get it right again this year. It's only 10.00 am here.

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