Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not a good idea to be in the axe and garden implements aisle on this day.
If you want to see what last Monday's 6.0 earthquake was like, this is a now famous video from Aj's work, not my Aj's work-place no, but where my baby Aj (yes he is 19) works, Dyer's Road ITM a building supplies firm. One of the young guys put it together it the earthquake at 2.20 pm. one hour and twenty minutes after a 5.5. Aj wasn't there he had a exam for Uni. Thank-God. Love Aunty Bee. I'll be blogging again soon as I've been shopping and finding a few treasures, well treasures to me.


  1. Watching that this morning I was almost in tears, I just can't imagine (or maybe I can) how scary it is in ChCh at the moment and I really feel for you all.

  2. unbelievable. How terrible it must be to be just waiting for that to happen everyday.
    Hope you all stay safe.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog , I watched the e/quake video . They are so frightening . There was a 7.5 when I lived in Cyprus . It really did upset me but no real damage done .It seemed to drain my energy .
    I,m posting pics,. of my garden today , take a peek if you have time.
    Nice treasures you collected