Saturday, June 4, 2011

I will do the Tag kind it's taken an hour to do this.

Susan T. from tagged me and I've never been tagged so I have finally got it sorted, sortoff. 
If you could be any historical or current character who would you be?
Always difficult, but probably Mother Teresa, because I'm her opposite I don't think I could ever be as selfless and gutsy as she was, but I do share her sometime doubts and that makes her more human and admirable. But don't worry I could never be her in real life I'm far to materialistic and selfish.
Name an interesting fact about yourself?
I worked in and lived in Wapping London in the 1970's at a pub called the Town of Ramsgate, and it was often full especially on Sundays with celebs like the crew of The Elephant Man, Bob Hoskins, Acker Bilk( who remembers him) and Rula Lenska and Him from Minder popped in, Charles Dickens great grand something and one night The Clash and one of the girls with them had a rat running around her shoulders (yuck) there were enough rats in Wapping as it was. And I have been outside Dr Who's front door, the gorgeous Tom Baker ah! my brushes with fame don't just end there, served Vanessa Redgrave (very tall) and famous for that time politicians drinks as well, I don't think they understood a word I said because they always asked if I was Irish?, Australian ? how dare they!, Canadian ? and as a last resort I would put them out of my misery and say I was a Kiwi.
If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be ?
Difficult one this, I would not change anything because I'm off the opinion that if I changed one thing I would have no control over all the other things that would happen possibly making things worse.

Name one thing that you would change about yourself?
I would like perfect eyesight please, I'm so sick of being as blind as a bat.
What do you consider your biggest achievement?
My sons, after been told we couldn't have children we had Tom and then we were told he was a miracle and don't expect to have another, and we had AJ. I include Basil in this as well, he being their father and all and  27 years of marriage isn't to be sneezed at either. 


  1. Barbara

    You have done a brilliant job of the TAG game. Wearing glasses drives me senseless too - but then much of middle age drives me round the bend.

  2. Love your biggest achievement answer. I like hearing stories like that.

    I've been enjoying your comments on my blog, you are a lovely thing!


  3. You celebrity hound you! I remember Acker Bilk on record covers. Didn't he play the clarinet?
    Sad aren't I?
    Your answers are lovely. I like your logic in changing your past.