Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nurse Hatchett and my BP.

First I must apologise for not posting this week, and for the lack of photos, but it's been one of those weeks. I shall bore you to death with an explanation. Last Friday week I had a long time coming appointment at the Women's Hospital that's probably all I need to say isn't it. I got there and a frighteningly efficient nurse took me into a room to weight me, (not good), and take my height and blood pressure. There in hangs the tale, I have high blood pressure, I'm on medication and it's recently been increased, when Nurse Hatchett took my BP all hell broke loose and the upshot was I had to put my feet up and calm down, I was calm until she scared me.She said I could have a heart attack or stroke at any minute, that will make any one's heart beat at 102 beats a minute don't you think.
My GP was rung and all sorts of things said including me going there after I'd left the hospital. I actually went after work,  I had felt fine till then, the specialist came in and told me to lose weight he did say more( but I'll keep that to ourselves, need I say large baby), what a surprise that was and after 2 hours in the place I was allowed to go. By the way they were tearing down the old nurses home which is a landmark building in ChCh as it was damaged. I thought I would throw that in as an aside. So I'm on a diet plan, have appointment with the dietician and have to see the practice nurse every week plus I have another med to take each day. Have been running, walking and beating the hell out of the punch bag in the garage. I have made a decision not to bore you with the saga of losing weight as it's my battle and I have so much support from "the men" and the people I work with, I'm going to carry on with the things I love to do but  spend more time getting fit and healthy. So I did go to the market and I did get a bargain or two, actually got lots of fresh veges as well. I shall post the photos tomorrow, sorry I haven't done them yet. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Oh dear and here am I waiting for the result of blood tests for cholesterol, blood sugar, and something else I have forgotton. We are at "That age" I am afraid where all the years of living the high life are coming back to haunt us. Isn't it boring

  2. There's nothing like getting your blood pressure taken to raise your blood pressure I've found! All the best for your return to great health. Large babies - I hear you. lol

  3. My husband has 'white coat syndrome' -his blood pressure shoots up every time he visits the doctor. He bought himself a bp monitor which he uses regularly at home and his bp is absolutely fine. Mine is also fine despite being 5 stone (about 30 kg I think) -go figure.
    Best of luck with your weight loss battle.

  4. I know exactly how you feel..this all happened to me a few years ago..I am on a BP med and it does is not easy to hear these things can all be put right so keep that in mind.....just think all I have to lose is one pound....just one.... then ...after makes it a little easier....lots of hugs for some one who understands!!