Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A bit of this and that and the other .

A typical Friday lunchtime at work, Roast Lamb cooked my me and Linds and Trivial Pursuit.
More knitting needles, someone please stop me.
Tray cloth I have an idea for this.

Tray cloth, very pretty and cheap ( such a ugly word.)
Treasure from Mare's travels scarves, earrings , a thimble and a small mask from Venice. Lovely
Way outside my colour comfort zone here.
Yarn from Spotlight for my blanket inspired by Peacock Blue.
Dear Spotlight was having a sale, how kind of them.
This is on the way to work Friday morning very cold and pink due to the ash cloud from Chile.
This is my new tea carrier, so much nicer than  a metal one, so me  in fact.

Forgot to say this was taken at 8am. and is the Moon.
This is a quick pop in and out, with things I bought last week and indeed received as a present this week. The tray clothes were a bargain, the knitting needles, I'm worried these are a obsession, were from the cat shop. The morning shots may note the word may look better if you click on them. The tea mug is so lovely, china with silicon accessories and so me, the ladies at work are envious, the men are amazed I spent money buying it, I don't care it's more styley than those metal ones and tea drinkers are styley people. Fabric ribbon and yarn from good old Spotlight it was hell when Spotlight was closed for weeks after the February earthquake, there is a rumour afoot they may move I hope it's closer to me. Lazy woman that I am. And lastly gifts from Mare from mostly Italy, how thoughtful my friend is she has 10 siblings plus their children, 2 children herself, 4 step children and numerous friends and bought back something for everyone as well as showing us some wonderful photos of Britain and Europe. Love for now Aunt Bee.


  1. Your Italian gifts look gorgeous - and may I say you have excellent taste in tea carriers, that must make the tea taste better, pretty china always does.

    The colours you have chosen for your blanket are just up my street, vibrant but muted. I cannot knit but I am envious of those who can.

    Roast Lamb for lunch wow!

  2. Lovely things here. Love the yarn you chose and the fabric from Spotlight.

  3. The yarn colours you have chosen are beautiful and I love the fabric too. M x

  4. Gorgeous gifts and purchases Bee! And then there's your knitting needles, one day they might stop making them and you'll be the one saying 'obsession, what obsession?!'

  5. Yea!! what a wonderful lot of things!! I love love love the tea carrier!! it is perfection!! I just can't believe that you are looking at an ash cloud now....honestly...it is way over time for you all to be left alone!!!!!!! it is just toooooo much.....so being from the other side of are earth....do you get a snowy winter?? or just cold... it looks quite cold in the pic of the moon... I do love snow..right now we are humid and foggy and warm..but thankfully not hot...I do not like hot....well...I'm off to make a coffee..I hope you have a lovely peaceful day!!

  6. Wow, you did well with your shopping this week! I absolutely love the fabric that you got - what are you going to make with it? So so pleased that my blanket has inspired you. You have made my day! xx