Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who will rid me of this turbulent Blogger. No, don't go charging off to the Cathedral.

Joseph Seibel booties, love them.
I've always wanted one of these, it still has all the spices in it, don't worry I'll clean it  soon.
I bought this for Tom, I thought it was cool, he wished it was Ronald Reagan, where did I go wrong ?
I can do no more, Blogger is being a cow and I can't download any more photos. Life has been busy I apologise for not posting. But on the bright side we had the contractors in from EQC and they have signed off on all the work to the house, we will have to move out at some stage(there is no timeline given) but the house and garage will be repaired. We have the noisiest floors (they the contractors) have ever heard, I'm so proud in a only a mother can be proud of a ugly baby way, fancy having the noisiest floors, I'll be sorry when they are fixed as there has been no sneaking quietly in after the pub by "the men", the floor tells everyone when they get home. I have been to the optician today, it's my old optician's daughter actually, boy did I feel old, but she is a crocheter, so we had a good gossip about yarn. Of course this didn't make any difference to the bill, $858.00 NZ, and that's using  my own frames,they are glasses  I rarely wear,all I'm getting is new lens. Bloody hell, all I need now is a tooth ache and I'll be bankrupt. Love Aunty Bee/Barbara the broke.


  1. Barbara you made me laugh. Even with the NHS a family visit to the dentists and a couple of pairs of glasses would wipe out the annual holiday funds. Trouble is with my advanced years bits fall off me all the time. Even the ones I have left go faulty with increasing regularity.

  2. Ouch, that is a scary bill! Bet you didn't ever imagine one of your claims to fame would be having the noisiest floors.

  3. So happy about your house!!!! Wow!! That's some pair of spec's!!