Monday, May 30, 2011

I want to Accessorize

OH, had to drop in before bedtime, you know that purse, which amazing is above, it was new never been used with tags and the tags said Accessorize. I didn't have a clue who they were, though I knew they had to be English because of the 2 pound coin, and while looking at Helen Phillips blog I saw her mention them and I looked at their site and found not exactly my purse but one similar for 7 pounds. Yeah I didn't spend anything like that and it's so nice, although it must be my latent other Northern Irish genes showing through, being a UJ and all. Ha ha, but it is so cute and I like the web site as well, oh to be in England or Britain and with the Irish bit thrown in, with a huge credit card loaded to the hilt, oh what fun I would have ...........dreams are made of this, soul less little capitalist wench that I am. Must remember if I ever win the Lotto not to tell Basil my plans for spending it. Love  Aunt Bee, just had to share my discovery, pathetic creature that I am.


  1. We have SO much in common. I was born in Northern Ireland. Live in England and would blow a hole in a credit card in any interiors store in any part of the kingdom.

    Sweet dreams.


  2. Oh Barb
    You are getting to be....... a really regular blogger ...........
    Way to go .........very cool over here this week

  3. Thanks for popping by my site...... poor Morgan....a penguin that does not like water?!?! poor little fella.....

  4. You have been tagged! please see my post today. You dont have to take part I DO understand if you are busy.

    Sue xx