Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photos of a destruction, excuses, excuses, and the sewing machine from Hell.

Nice shops in an old wool store building, still standing by the skin of their teeth. Not that they are open.
Many years ago as a department store it had the best cafe in town
This once was a fabulous Country style store.
I've been in here hundreds of times.
This is the Catholic Cathedral, they will be removing the dome in a few weeks .
To be honest I've been a bit tardy with posting, as for last 2 weeks I've had, a hard to shake bout of asthma. But I think it's under control, I don't have it often but since the "you know what" so many have people been having asthma attacks, it's all the dirt, silt and dust. Every little shake brings dust down to coat everything at work.A funny thing happened on Tuesday,  while 2 co-workers were telling one of our darling men, who has returned from a 9 week holiday in the North Island, while their house was being repaired, not to worry if a aftershock happens to go under the table, know matter how small it is, and low and behold we got a 4.1 kindly sent from down the road at Aj's (the son's) workplace before the words had left their mouths. So that joins the long list of things not to do to avoid bringing down another quake upon us, like don't buy clocks of Trademe, don't take Paul E. out for dinner, don't say "we haven't had one for awhile",and most definitely say " gosh it's really calm and still, perfect earthquake weather".
I was going to tell about my sewing machine , I bought it from a Aussie company with many shops in NZ, it was the most expensive machine I have owned but not expensive in the way of things. It wouldn't let me machine quilt anything,( I'm useless at machine quilting anyway) all though it's called a Quiltmaster. So I took it in to ******* shop (insert) name of popular brand of machine, and said it wasn't sewing well. The lady who served me looked vaguely familiar, said " Dear, when I sold these at ********* we had many returned because they had  the wrong walking foot with them, they aren't a good make". Yes is that's right lady I thought it was you who sold it to me. She was very disparging about the machine and said they are no longer sold by ********* as the were so bad..............lovely. Tried to get me to buy a second ex school machine for $1,300 or a $3,000 machine with all the bells and whistles. I smiled through my teeth, but silently made the decision never to buy one of their machines because if she sold me a machine which she knew to be **** once, I'm ****** sure I wont be trusting her again with even more of my money.
I know I'm sorry it's Mother's Day and  I'm moaning, and I did  get some shoes and gorgeous socks, of course I'm cooking dinner while the men watch the boxing, at least I'm at the kitchen table sewing without interruption. Now that's a real present. Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's, those who have children whether they are human, feline or canine.Love to all Aunt Bee.


  1. Happy mothers day to you!! I'm so sorry you have been feeling poorly. Asthma is not fun... I had to deal with it for a short time..brought on by a Latex allergy.I worked in the operating room for many years. It is quite a scary thing...the pictures are really something.....I'm sorry,it must be very hard to be dealing with all that the "not mentioned" has done to your beautiful home town...lots of hugs from the other side of the world....

  2. Thank for for visiting me and leaving a message. So many people have left comments, I'm amazed at the amount who have similar issues.
    Happy Mother's day, enjoy the day however you end up spending it.
    Lisa x

  3. Happy Mothers Day to you. Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - its always great to meet another like minded soul! You would have loved Ruth Goodman - she is so like she is on TV. Shes very approachable too and we got lots of time to talk to her. Shame Peter and Alex werent there too - I have a bit of a crush on Peter!!! xxx

  4. So sorry to hear you have not been well, it's good to have a moan sometimes ;-)) Hope you have had a lovely mothers day, dee x

  5. Many thanks for leaving a comment on my post about 'mess' it pales into comparison to the destruction shown in these photos. As a fellow asthma sufferer you have my smpathy.

    All good wishes from England.

    Sue xx

  6. Sorry to hear you have not been well Barb
    ask the boys to make you some nice soup

  7. Glad to hear you had some time for sewing on Mothers Day - Perfect!
    Love your story about the saleswoman - some people have no idea about service!! And she actually thought you would buy another one from her. Hope the asthma situation has improved now, take care, Nicky