Monday, May 16, 2011

Baking on a Monday.....very odd.

Returned home from work at 3.45pm.
Entered house, no-one home.
Husband at hospital for Cardiac check-up.
Son's at Uni.
Have complete brain explosion what if I baked before they came home.
Result Basil and Tom walk in the door as Ginger Loaf and Lemon Drizzle Cake are taken out of oven.
This is very unlike me, to bake on a Monday..........what can it mean. Please note bigger font only learnt to do this, and now I can read my own blog with ease, did I tell you I get the large print books from the library. I'm such a tidy baker, yeah go on, you believe me don't you, I found the clean-up vaguely therapeutic............what's happening to me, I don't know myself but it's a little like spring cleaning in the last days of Autumn.


  1. Lemon drizzle cake!!!!!!!!! Oh does that sound wonderful.....I may have to bake today...

    Love the bigger font...I am going to have to search for that!!!

  2. Yummo - looks great, wish I lived a whole lot closer! Nice to see another tidy baker. lol

  3. What can I say it must be catching - all I want to do is chores - however see today's post. Idea or what!

  4. Well I certainly don't fancy doing chores...although must admit got on with some yesterday...however I DO feel like baking!

  5. I read large print books and have a small library of them on my bookshelves , they were given to me by VISTA ,they said people don't read much any more , they borrow cassettes and videos .
    You ask do I prefer pinning or tacking my quilts , pinning every time--cottonreel

  6. ohhhh Barb i am on my way for cake and coffee
    yumo...hope hospital trip went a o.k.

  7. mmmmmm those cakes look delicious its great to bake i find it relaxing to. Hope all went well at the hospital for your husband, dee x

  8. I always feel like baking (though mainly because I always feel like cake). If I were to walk in and find someone else had baked...that would be perfect!