Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy at work and busy doing nothing home.

I have been very busy at work at the moment as one of our co-workers is swanning around Europe, Vienna at the present time and I'm doing her job and mine. This is never a good idea and I know other bloggers have been under the same pressure in their jobs and at least I know when Mare comes back it will all go back to normal. I haven't done much, although it's pouring with rain and I have towels on the line as I type this, bugger, I shall continue on and put them in the dryer later, see I just don't want to go out in the cold. The weather has been lovely, but today is the start of winter apparently, cold winds, snow down to low levels and general misery.
Down to low levels reminds me the East side of the city has sunk 30cm lower than before" the you know what ".
plus CD's and a really good crossword book
We are feeling the pain of the people of Spain, bloody earthquakes. We had a decent 5.3 last week, but it seems just rumbles and small shakes since, people are really quite down now, with winter upon us and no real improvement in the state of the place, we are hearing day after day of people leaving, it's a little depressing, the paper said that the school system has lost thousands of pupils. The flow on effect of just that will affect the whole city less teachers needed, less schools, less buses it's all munted, actually we don't use that word anymore we use a word more connected to our Anglo Saxon heritage. A insurance man came to our work building and said it wasn't good and it might be best to tear it down and start again but it's in the lap of the Gods, so who knows. On a bright note the Contessa and the Yorkshire Terrier are coming down for a holiday, yes some people like that sort of thing, well to see us and the city so that's something to look forward too. I've been reading a lot and knitting, not much thrifting except for the book fair, if you desperately need a copy of the da vince code and lets face it you would have to be desperate I can get one, they tried selling them for $2, there was probably 50 on display and more in the other hall, and then he started begging us to take one, not pretty seeing a grown man beg. Love to all, Aunt Bee.


  1. So sorry to hear of the problems in your City. It must be so sad to see, especially as winter takes hold.

    Don't need the Da Vinci Code - saw the film that was enough!

  2. So sorry to hear of all the troubles, i hope life starts to improve real soon, dee x

  3. It must be so hard..I can not imagine what you are going through...your home town ..all your memories...and I have a friend moving back for is just so hard to know what direction to go in..but I can feel you are strong and you will get through all this..I am just so sorry when anyone has to go through this sort of anxiety ..please know how many well wishes I am sending..