Saturday, May 28, 2011

Food food glorious food an eating kinda of week.

Yummy with a crisp NZ white which I found  luckily in the back of the cupboard.
Coffee cake to die for ,I kid you not.
I did it again, came home from work Monday and got baking, cheese and chive biscuits and coffee cake, I love coffee cake but hate to drink coffee, odd I know but that's me. The cheesy biscuits we had with a bottle of wine, I mean we, the Contessa (ConT) and the Yorkshire terrier (YT), who had come down from the North for a visit, and Basil and I. I asked them to stay for dinner and that was nice but not truly great,  then we had the coffee cake for dessert which was even better. ConT and YT had bought cakes on their way down from the North Island  via the ferry which goes from Wellington to Picton, they stopped at a highly recommended store and bought 6 pieces of various yummy things. They (the cakes) lasted till Friday, which was pretty amazing in my house. I have to down load some photos of their week and I don't think I took one photo of the ConT and I, so that's a bit sad but we did have a great time. We went out to dinner on Wednesday which was fabulous, they had dinner with us Monday, they went out to a top restaurant Tuesday and then so you don't think we are all about food we, ConT, YT and moi went out to Oxford to a well known cafe for lunch on Thursday, which was disappointing and poring with rain, but the town does have a wonderful book shop which was great to browse in. I shall have some photos to post tomorrow, of  our Tiki Tour of Destruction which I took them on, on the Thursday morning, we also took our 92 year old Auntie as she hadn't seen any of the city properly, well in daylight, so that's all to come tomorrow and I'll also include my thrifty/market finds which even If I say so my self was pretty good. So tomorrow it is. Oops forgot to say we had individual fish and chips for 40 people at work on Wednesday as it was the Trust's 14th birthday and lots of fizzy drink (no  I mean fizzy drink not champers) and heaps of orange cake, shades of dear Enid there I think.It'a  wonder I can push my portly frame between the chair and the computer. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Save me a piece of that gorgeous Coffee cake will you. I am drowning in soup here!

  2. Wow that coffee cake looks truly divine!!!! How fabulous! It's all glossy and moist looking and now I need cake. Drat that you live so far away.
    Gem xx