Sunday, February 20, 2011

When $40.00 means $80.00

Haven't had time to look at it yet
another quilt for Ava, more for everyday use
start of quilt for Ava
Trusty old machine with wonderful mat a chrissy swap present from Jeni
Stripy blanket a la Lucy at Attic 24
Miss Marple only No.1 to get now
This is a long story so I'll to be quick. Whitcoulls a large national book shop chain is going down the gurgler so to speak it's in receivership since Thursday and the news said if you have any vouchers to get in quick and use them . They also mentioned some shops will only honour them if you match them dollar for dollar. Of course Baz had $40.00 worth, I gave him as a Chrissy present, so we went to the mall on Saturday, as so did many other people to spend them, and yes we did have to spend another $40.00, I find this morally wrong akin to theft as I told the girl behind the counter, which I said I realised wasn't her fault, but I felt I had to say something. They the Aussie owners are in the poo in Aussie and have blamed electronic books and the internet book shops for this situation but truthfully they have been putting up there prices continually for years and of course you are going to go for the best deal, but a shop is always more appealing to people than the internet, no worries about internet security, instant gratification not having to wait for a book and the price shouldn't be a problem in NZ, we buy more books per head of population by far than any country in the world, but being a captive market, book shops have always charged through the nose. A few metaphors and colloquial sayings in there, but you get my meaning, it is criminal to hold vouchers for ransom in this way. But of  course we paid up, as did the older couple with a $100.00 voucher. So we got 2 DVD's one for Baz after all it was his voucher, Dad's Army, one for me, Miss Marple, the Country Living mag and a Veggy cookbook.
I spent Sunday sewing, two quilts for Ava a "good" one and one to put down on the floor when she's having a stretch or in her buggy. I'm quite pleased, had to work on them, then have a cuppa, do some more work and then another cuppa as it was so hot and windy.
The "men" are off to Uni today, TG am over having to large brutes lying about the house, bring on the assignments and study I say, that'll keep them out of trouble............sure that will work they are students. Love Aunt Bee. Stripy blanket coming along nicely.


  1. Oh no - what a nightmare with the vouchers. I know a young guy who won $500 of Whitcoulls vouchers as a scholarship at the end of the year, so he had to spend a lot extra just to get his money out of them! Doesn't seem fair. Enjoy your new goodies.

  2. oh no not fair at all...
    but i am happy to see you using my sewing machine caddy.....

  3. Just heard about the earthquake that hit today/yesterday. I do hope you are okay, will be thinking of you all.

    Love your new goodies, but what a rip-off with the vouchers, very sad to hear Whitcoulls is going into receivership though.