Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It hasn't all been a walk in the Park.

This is one of the nicest places in Christchurch.
Our prevailing summer wind the norwester at work
Basil surveying the duck pond, it had been drained and cleaned.
Sorry I haven't been around the "dear computer" would not let me write anything let alone publish and so much has happened. First Aj's hand, is out of plaster and unwired, swollen and puffy it is at least attached to his arm, the day he got that done a letter from Canterbury Uni arrived offering him a place there which would be in his preferred degree and is the same Uni as his brother. It would mean he could bus and be with his friends, of course he had accepted a place at Lincoln..........aargh! set in motion his loan application and all the tedious enrollment stuff. I tried to jolly him along with Lincoln is a good fit for you etc but I know he wanted UC, so he has changed everything over to UC and said sorry to Lincoln, what a parlavar but it's done. He also starts back at work on the 19th Feb, in the shop, so his hand doesn't get hurt or overused. So that is all fixed, throw in the quake we had just 30 minutes ago, my  health issues, yes I to am on a low fat diet due to my cholesterol which oddly enough is lower than 3 years ago but the Dr. has made me go on a low fat diet now..........he must have missed the higher reading in 2008, I'm on a waiting list (semi urgent ) for a specialist, so that's a 4 month wait, not that I care as it's one of those things I would prefer to put off .I blame Aj he was a massive baby.........which explains the baby weight I am still carrying. Ha, he's 19 in May, but that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Have done some market shopping , some nice skirts, it's so hot here Sunday was 36c, hell's teeth that's hot and so hot at night no one is sleeping well and I actually wore one of the skirts which made me look like a large hippy with a attitude, no peace, love and beads for me when it's hot, I just get grumpy. I had a load of young men here, 15 of them watching TV, in the heat in one room, oh the aroma, they stayed for 3 1/2 hours and I has strict instructions to make myself invisible so I went for a haircut in the mall, very cool and not busy and then a iced chocolate in a cafe, still to early so I sat in the garage reading the paper............I must have been out of my mind.
Hagley Park, a beautiful day for a walk.


  1. Hagley park is one of my places .... I go and park... and then into the city...when in Christchurch...beautiful Gardens

  2. Hi Bee , you would have been better sitting undr the tree in Hagley park .--cottonreel