Saturday, February 12, 2011

A mish, mash and a motorway.

 A few things I found, well bought , the felt, fabric and pattern I picked up when I went to the bank and popped into the fabric shop which was having a sale, only to look, haha. It was a 25% off everything sale and it would have been rude to leave empty handed. The market had some new stallholders there and when I saw the Cadbury funnel measure I was sure I couldn't afford it as I was down to my last $5.00, when he said $1 and then $2 for the lemon squeezer I was was delighted, but felt a bit mean because he could have sold them for a lot more. He had an old baby's bath which I thought look good with plants in and an old mixing bowl/jug thingy which of course I had to look lovingly at and leave behind, with my luck he'll never be seen at the that market again. Dinner out last night pot luck BBQ out in the country, I got lost, but it was a good night, very warm, the kids (not mine) were in the pool till 9.30pm and then I made the long trip home, well it took me 1 hour to get there and 35mins to get home, the roads were very quiet, it made me realise I would like to live in the country again, but the fuel bill for coming into work would be huge. Basil actually works further out than MM,s place and its so expensive each week just to run his car. You probably tell I'm over summer, it has been a long hot summer and it would be nice if the weather started to get cooler, I love Autumn and Winter and I am ready for the change of seasons, even if no-one else is..........I am a little worried not just for us but for all those with damage to their homes what the approaching bad weather  will do, we can't do anything like thousands of others because someone else control's the timetable for repairs and in some cases complete rebuilding. Life is always interesting isn't it, and that makes it never dull............Love Aunt Bee.........and I haven't told  you yet about the motorway........yes let's build a motorway when the city needs billions of dollars worth of repairs. The motorway that'll will mean we will be hemmed in by two motorways and unable to turn right into our feeder road oh bliss...........I shall be going to the public meeting, God help them if I get the microphone.

Now get away from the computer and feed me.

I have coveted these from afar, nearly died when he said it was S1.00.

glass lemon squeezer, old $2.00
market shopping 
Oh God I am turning into my mum, but I love the EWW, and GF is  the best.
Latest mag, remember it takes time to get to NZ, when I was young mags took 6 months by boat.
when I impulsively bought the felts I also bought this, cute for  winter I think.
gorgeous felt squares and pretty fabric, impulse buy
Tartan throw on couch ready for the inclement weather, ok it's 31c today


  1. I'm sorry, but the weather isn't allowed to be horrid or cool or wet until AFTER my trip to NZ! ;-) I am in desperate need of good warm sunny weather.

    Some good finds, love the cadbury measuring funnel.

  2. Hi thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely warm comment. Im glad you did because i know have the link to your lovely blog to. Ooohh please send you summer heat my way i would love to take it off your hands ;-)) Lovely finds i love your fabrics, and your cat looks a little like my Timmy ;-)) The motor way sounds like nightmare. take lots of care, dee x