Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brother found

Brother found had been in CBD walked home, had no phone power or money left, went home to no power no water so went to a friends. Idiot could have told someone but no one has power or water etc, we have interesting toileting facilities at the moment , ok for the men but not for me, you got  to laugh, and it's raining again. Our next door neighbour is to be buried Friday so I hope it will go ahead I know that's sounds funny but it would be terrible for Ada if it all delayed. My car was to be registered by today but a) I haven't got it, b)there's no PO open to do it and c) I don't really care anyway. What a rebel..........I am crocheting like crazy and watching Miss Marple and drinking tea so I'm ok, will be staying in the lounge as we are still having large aftershocks. Love Barbara


  1. at least your are laughing
    good on you

  2. So Glad your brother was found...

  3. aww im so relieved for you great news hes been found ;-). Drinking tea, crocheting, drinking tea and watching Miss marple sounds good to me. take lots of care, dee x

  4. I've been lurking and enjoying your blog for a while now. I was interested to find out you are in Christchurch and have been reading since before the Sept quake. My dear Sister and her family live in Chch and I spent the day yesterday pacing the floor and checking the internet. Your posts calmed me. I was relieved to get a message on facebook late last night from one of my nieces to let me know all the family are safe. I am so glad to hear the good news about your brother.
    Take care of yourself, keep up with the tea and crochet.