Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the earthquake

Quick post to say we are ok, Basil and Aj were at home, tom at Uni, got out and walked home, me at work. Unusually for  me I have no words, so terrible our workplace is destroyed...........it is wrecked no jobs for us, no place for our clients to go..........outside in the cold for hours waiting for our clients to be picked up took the vans up to 4 hours to get to us, we are in the city. Left my car at work, Linds gave me a lift home via the rest of the city. I am exhausted...........I'm very emotional I love my city and this is a disaster of untold magnitude, yet as we drove home so areas look untouched and had power, its just come on here. Basil has gone to work he is an essential industry (a prison officer) of course he is out of the city and I know he'll worry. Sorry to be a pain, there is too much to tell, so many dead.........thank God we are ok, it is of course raining just what we need but not right now. Aunt Bee


  1. Big hugs, not that they'll help, but to let you know I am thinking of you.

  2. So pleased to hear you're all OK - can't begin to imagine how traumatised everyone must be. Please know thoughts and prayers from all over the country and indeed the world are with Christchurch tonight.