Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Message from the earthquake zone.

It's 3.49am I must have slept, becos I'm up and going to make a cuppa, the aftershocks have kept on coming. I can't believe this has happened, yesterday I got up and went for my usual walk, went to work and while sitting at the lunch table playing scattergories our world turned upside down. My boss is amazing and I know we will get back into a work place at sometime but our clients( who did really well under the circumstances) may never recover. I haven't watched too much TV, but I did hear we are going to this time accept help and Thank God for that, so that's it I off to have a cuppa. Love to you all Aunt Bee............real name Barbara.


  1. Big hugs, have been thinking of everyone over there, I do hope you are alright and thank you for the update.

    Lots of love

    Mary xx

  2. O goodness how scary for you all, i hope that your ok, thinking of you all, dee x