Saturday, February 26, 2011

People who I visit everyday, and I'm glad they are home.

People who help you get through a traumatic time
A Mermaids Purse..........Kazzy and her Sweetpea, how I love this blog, what a lovely young lady and talented artist Kazzy is.
Admanento...........Anne, crochet expert and cyclist, our bike rides together leave me puffing but always happy with the company.
Attic 24..............Everyone loves Lucy and it's true love this beautiful blog and especially Lucy way of giving confidence to everyone via her wonderful tutorials and gorgeous crochet.
Bobo Bun..............Lisa a world apart and a generation but we take pleasure in the same things
Cotton/Bluebell...............unbeknown to these two I imagine we belong to the same quilt group and they are actually taking me with them on then quilting and more importantly fabric shopping trips
Curlew Country...........Steph, lovely blog I think being a mother of 2 boys gives a connection, I say that knowing what she has to come LOL
Farm Girl Stitching......Nic a kiwi girl on a farm, I'm old enough to be her mother, but the blog world makes that irrelevant, a country woman at heart I can smell the sheep from my place
Frugal Queen..............she makes me laugh and cry sometimes in the same post, we share much unsaid
Handmade Home............Kelly what a delightful blog by a talented lady
Heart Shaped...............Diane loves "Jackie" and walking ..........what more do you need
Henhouse...............the Hen all power to the Hen, one of  the first blogs I visited love the Hen and her family, quilts, and even the husband is interested in their trips back in time to 1940's Britain
Life after Money...........Ilona my slightly eccentric friend I don't thing she would mind me saying that, another of the early blogs I found and what a treasure, ok some of her money saving ways make me laugh, but others I have used, we have traveled England together, her photos are wonderful but her writing is better, history, saving tips, animals, travel and interesting opinion, creativity and most of all fun, Ilona is a jewel
Material Obsession............Kathy an wonderfully creative talented American in Aussie, love the quilts and quilters in her wonderful shop, she has opened up my eyes to what you can do with patchwork, it's taking time for me to really let go with colour and fabric  but I will do it. After our lives have settled down and things are semi normal I have promised myself a trip to Aussie for a break, haven't I talked to my sister yet but hope we can go to Sydney, it's one place in Aussie I have never been and to Kathy's new shop I'll go just to sit and watch and learn from her ladies in the back room.
Mary Poppins..............Dear Mary is the very first blog I saw and after months of lurking I joined in, she is wonderful, and her blog still makes me smile and occasionally shed a tear, when I read it. I think of Mary P. as my mentor, such a good person on the other side of the world
That's it not the end of the blogs I love to read but the end for today, the sun is shining and I am in the mood to bake and sew, a cake for Basil's night shift crew and sewing the quilts made for my grand neice. I thought I would not bore you with comments from the zone, Basil is working, Tom has done 3 days in a shop with no  water, and Aj had a day's work yesterday and what was a 40 minute trip there and back in the morning took 2hours and 20 minutes home in the evening, only one bridge over the rivers can you imagine that, in a city with 2 rivers. Love Barbara


  1. You're too kind! The jug's usually hot at my place, glad to see you anytime! Was starting to wonder if you'd called in today as that sheepy smell is pretty strong here - crutching lambs yesterday and loading them onto the truck early this morning - such fun! Do hope you are doing OK up there, you obviously have power, how about water?? Take care, hugs - Nicky

  2. awww thats a sweet post, I hope the sewing and the baking went well, dee x