Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hiding in plain sight and a walk in the Botanical Gardens

there are 3 trees captured here I think they look amazing
We grow all sorts of plants in Christchurch,  reminds me of a Triffid
Outside the rose garden the hedge is ringed by hundreds of Dahlias
the Rose garden, just about finished for the summer
this is where Heavenly Creatures was filmed, Kate Winslet's first film
a very appropriate sculpture
from the bridge
so peaceful, except for a really noisy duck
one of many ponds
I love Dahlias
Please note new header, it's" the mens" Easter bunnies, old family tradition which recognizes no age, that's to say they aren't too old to have a chocolate bunny. But I thought can't be bothered to hide them so there they are hiding in plain sight and no one has noticed. Have just returned from "drinks" at work tonight, I was home at 7.30pm. as I couldn't drink as I was driving, pizza and cookie and cream cheesecake, lovely. I went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, driving through the city which bought a tear to my eyes, it is so munted or as the Mayor said mega munted, but the gardens have stood firm. Planned and planted by the early settlers they are  the biggest and most beautiful public gardens in the Southern Hemisphere,  so gorgeous with all their Autumn finery. I should add this is but a tiny part of the Gardens they encompass cricket, rugby, croquet, soccer and netball fields and courts, a helicopter landing pad for the hospital, a pond for sailing boats (small) and the Avon River, plus a nine hour golf course and numerous walking and cycling tracks. It's a large area bisected by a road, many years ago when I was younger I used to run around the two parks, are sweet mystery of youth why can't I do that now..........crook knees, sciatica, bad ears and appalling eyesight shall I go on. No thank-you self ,I think you were enjoying that too much. Happy and Holy Easter to you all. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Beautiful pics of the Gardens, beautiful all year round, but especially in autumn. I love the bunnies 'in hiding', funny how you can put soemthing right in front of someone(often a bloke LOL) and they still won't see it.
    Happy Easter

  2. What a lovely walk through the funny to think of you starting autumn and we are in the thick of spring...I love both!!! Have a happy Easter!

  3. Oh I am so glad that the park has survived the mega munted disaster. It is so beautiful and I have such lovely memories of the park.

  4. Such beautiful photo's and it looks such a lovely place. Is that rose type flower a sculpture? its very lovely. I adored your header photo so cute. Have a lovely weekend, dee x