Friday, April 29, 2011

A short sighted view of the wedding and such.

I went all artistic here, but ran back to the car as it was cold
25c Easter Sunday , freezing Wednesday
Styx River swamp or as they call it, recreational area
Jeni from With Needle and Thread,  no Aj neither of us were sex slave recruiters
Sticky Orange Sponge from BBC Good Food, delicious
So happy to find these as I couldn't find any Persophone Books here in NZ.
I found 5 John Buchan's, the book God was happy with me.
found Tom some light reading
Quick posting as the "wedding" is about to begin, I went to the Book Fair today, but got these books from  the market last Saturday. I have lost my glasses today, I am wearing an old pair, which is a trial as  they are no longer my prescription so I'll be peering at the screen to-night. I'll do this while watching the Breakers vs Taipans, the Warriors vs some Aussie team  and the Highlanders vs the Blues, I only care about the dress anyway. Ok, all the dresses, but Kate's is the only important one really, as it's not as if Elton will be wearing a dress today..........or will he. Love Aunt Bee.

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