Saturday, April 16, 2011

In case there has been doubt - I am an Idiot.

the mornings have been very foggy
Here is a story which unfortunately proves that I am an idiot
Two weeks ago I ran out of one of my drugs, I have two tablets every morning. Drug A and drug B we will call them, and I ran out of drug B, a little unusual as they usually they are exactly the same amount and run out together, in fact I had copious amounts of drug A left. But I thought nothing of it and delayed getting a refill because it would been a $33.00 trip to the Doctor, plus the inconvenience of going to a doctor just  2 minutes down the road. So last week after talking it over with my colleague Mare I decide to ring the Drs. and get a prescription only if I could. Spoke to the nurse who said " Do you need more drug A as well"?  I should have lied, but I was honest and said no I have heaps of them. Silence at end of line, "mmmmmm well that shouldn't happen " she said. " I know" I replied "I thought it was odd myself". " How many tablets are you taking a day."
Oh bugger as soon as she said that I got the giggles as I knew what I had done , drug A had been increased last visit and for some strange reason I thought the tablet it self was increased not me upping the number of times a day I took it. By then Mare is in hysterics as she has picked up on what has happened and I can't stop laughing, result one Drs. appointment with the threat of a memory test thrown in. When I saw the Doc I put it down to earthquake brain.........any excuse will do.
Last night we did have a big shake 5.3, had us contemplating the table as it rolling on for at least 30 seconds, yesterday was my birthday and we had numerous little shakes all day, isn't that a nice present.
I did get spoilt, 2 large boxes of Guylain chocolates which are my favourites,  and money for my September trip to the Craft fair that comes over from Oz. Next week will be more exciting becos Jeni from  With Needle and Tread is coming over to spend Easter with her family and we are meeting up Easter Monday. This is the first time I have met a fellow blogger, I am so excited, of course Aj warned me about the dangers of meeting people off the internet, cheeky monkey.
click to enlarge , a pukeho baby, it's mum must have been confused ,it's Autumn
The pukeho pronounced pookekho, oddly enough photographed  in a very marshy paddock next to the sewage works, well it made me laugh. They make a strange whistle noise and love the marshy swampy land, they are cute but not very nice as they eat anything. And of course this is NZ so they can't fly.That's it for now, it's a cold wet day and I'm pulling out the sewing machine, the old one ( will tell the story of the new one next time) to do some sewing. Love Bee


  1. Thing is , did you feel any the worse for not upping the dosage.--cottonreel

  2. Many thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - and pointing me in the direction of that very very very very very very fit young Rugby player!!! For the record I have met up with lots of lovely bloggers - I can honestly say that they all turned out nicer in real life - and I didnt think it was possible (but we took the necessary precautions - ie meet in public etc just in case they used their blogs to hide the fact that they were sex slave recruiters etc!!! xxxx

  3. I am laughing out slave are not an idiot...I think that is a very logical mistake to have made!! So sorry to hear about the shakes....not fun at all! And Happy Birthday!!! The 16th? I went to a birthday party today for one of my dearest friends..she was 100 on the 16th! Born on Easter Sunday 1911... I met her 17 years ago when she was 83!!! Who knew!

  4. Hi Barbara
    I didnt know its your birthday 15th and mine 12th April .....i will see you on Monday ...we leave tomorrow night and get in midnight.leave the next morning for Queenstown so excited .....
    and please let.....Diane know...... sex slave recruiters.....No Way....maybe crafter recruiters would be on the list LOL
    see you soon

  5. Hi and a late Happy Birthday wish. There must be something about bloggers having birthdays at this time of year. Two blogs I read every day, Rhonda Jeans Australian blog "down-to-earth" on the 15th and Shirley Goode who writes "taste the goode life", on the 16th. Shirley is a delightful lady who lives quite close to me, and writes a blog mainly about cooking on a budget.

    You certainly had a shaky birthday. I check on Geonet N Z everyday to see whats happening down there.

    I frequently forget to take my medications, I think I must be in denial, LOL. In my head I am still about 18.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment. I hope you don't get any further earthquakes, it must be very unsettling. Good luck with the bloggy meet-up.

  7. Happy Birthday, hope you celebrated in style! I have had to make an emergency dash to the chemist to get prescribed medicine when I have completely run out without realising. Luckily, they realised the severity of the situation and gave me the meds after taking my name and accepting the promise of a prescription asap. I was mortified. Hope the lack of meds didn't cause you any discomfort. x