Friday, October 8, 2010

Things I have found and other such stuff..

One of my finds at a local church book sale. Love John Sandford books. The troublesome Lower Fifth, truly jolly hockey sticks. The book sale was excellent and I would have bought more if I had known that they were asking so little for everything. I can't upload any more photos for some strange reason, so that's very strange. I also went to the market and got a jug and some more Blue Willow patterned cup and saucers, I went back to  the same lady this morning and bought more. I have been busy making blocks for a quilt for a friend who is not very well, it was a big shock for everyone that she is so ill as she looks great, the quilt is being organised by her church friends and I have 3 blocks to make to represent our work place, a couple who don't sew and myself and my family it is to be done by the 16th so I will spend the whole of Sunday crafting away.I am going to leave the post till later as it still wont let me post any more photos. Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. How lovely to make a quilt for your friend, I'm sure she will love such a thoughtful gift.

    Ah Blue Willow a lady of my own heart!