Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A treat.

I dropped into my favourite Post Office/Magazine shop on the way home and was greeted by the owner as a long lost friend. I had been good for so long at least 2 months, not buying mags in a attempt to save money. How sad it never works so here are my compulsive buys, oh bliss I am so happy. Sad really.


  1. Oh you are naughty! ;-) Enjoy your reads with a cuppa and a cake!

  2. He He norty, norty girl ;0) Like Serenata says enjoy :0) Thank you for your lovely comments, so very special and I love that you perfect, a little like me he he !! There are two people in a marriage, one is always right, the other is the husband ;0) Only jesting of course, but yes, we have, like many, had our strugggles but always seem to get through, I would be lost at sea without him.

    By the way I had been saving your lovely soap for a very special ocassion and we unwrapped it only last week is gorgeous, thank you so much for it and the cream and beautiful fabric, often think of you and how you are, apologies don't get round to visiting as often as I would like.

    Hugs and love

    Mary xx