Friday, October 15, 2010

Four mugs and a catalogue and a mirror and a issue thingy, a CK collection.

My market buys from last week. Two Blue Willow cups and saucers, a pretty tin originally from Scotland with lovely birds on it, some freesias, body butter and shower gel etc all Avon products, and a hand mixer and Pyrex dish only $10.00 for both and something for the Men, a tribute as Tom would say. He's gone oh! so Roman this year......that's Classics for you. The Contessa and the Yorkshire Terrier have been in Japan visiting  Clarebear, who has  a year at a Japanese Uni, she emailed me, would Cath Kidson do as a mag from Japan, yes I said not wishing to appear to eager, be still my beating heart. It's the CK catalogue for Spring, so their Spring 2010 in Japanese, but who cares I always wanted to look at a CK catalogue and it came with a bag. Yes a bag, small but ever so lovely. A bag with a mirror and tissue holder ? I think that's what it is, not sure as it's in Japanese, never was very good at languages, I have been poring over the mag as it has addresses for CK shops including a Cloth Shop. There is a $27 million lottery draw tonight and I so want to win it, not all of it, just some, so I can go to England and do my Christmas shopping (for myself). Lastly Dave watching the rugby, we won.........then straight to the Football to see our striker hit the crossbar from a penalty,( would show Aj's face when this happened but he threatened me not to put it on the blog, I might need him in the near future so I won't. Next morning a newsreader on the radio said the striker had hit the crossbra..........fancy that, you don't see that everyday at a Football game do you. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Pretty pyrex ;-), some great buys and a lovely magazine! Have to laugh at the newsreader...they really do need to learn to speak correctly now don't they?!

  2. Looks like I need to come over for morning tea... with those slices and willow cups...good collecting this week ...hope by now your numbers came in for the lottery