Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm not a millionaire, or even close but it been an interesting week.

First I didn't win the big Lotto prize, a pig hunter from up North did. Yes a pig hunter only in NZ, I bet he'll buy a new dog, what a waste, think of all the fabric and pretty stuff, and vaguely odd things I could buy, plus Christmas shopping in England. I was only going to go to England to shop, to help their economy, but there you have it, it wasn't to be.It was really decent of me to think of going all that way to help them out, of course I would have put a decent amount into our own economy as well................... Right I'll say this now and get it out of the way,there was a big shake at about 11.30am on Tuesday, we at work had done drills with our clients, but when it came to the real thing, you guessed it,  although I yelled everyone under the tables nobody went, there were some upset people but no diving for cover, except for our colleague in the Candlemaking room, she dived under the table. I consoled myself with the thought that if the building had collapsed,  she at least could have acted as first responder and given us First Aid. It was a  5 but felt like a 6 because it was so close to the City and only 9kms down. It's been very quiet since then, there's a big Concert in the Park today for 9 hours to bring everyone together and thank God we all got through relatively safely, shaken but not stirred as one billboard says in town. Big news I have a new cellphone, as you can see I bought a pink one in case the "men" want to borrow it........good thinking don't you think, it's working so far, but it is early days. Aj got a " pocket " for Chess so I have to sew it on to his blazer this weekend as he has only 4 weeks of school left to walk proudly around with it..........his Saturday job is getting busy and they have asked him what days he can work in the summer holidays but it'll depend on the Army as he has a fitness test to do for them this coming week. He hasn't been well for weeks and the Nurse from the Practise rang him last Monday to say he needed to "pee " into containers twice a day for 3 days, of course they talked too him as he is 18, but he is 18 and a male and he never asked why, so we have no idea what he was doing it for................yikes you think that your boys will be different because you as their mother will make them different from the rest of the male population, but forget it, the male gene is to strong for us women to  change, they revert to type no matter what we be honest I say "Via la difference," excuses to all French speakers if I have my verbs etc in a tangle. One Christmas stocking nearly finished, enjoyed making this I'm going to make more for pressies. I got out of bed to get ready for work, Basil had day off, came back had only been gone a few minutes and Dave had taken my place. Sorry to say Basil hadn't even noticed I gone. Ok last photo is the "men", wearing T.Shirts sent to them from my sister the Contessa, she who has been in Japan visiting the Clarebear, who told the T.Shirt man what to put on the shirts, Aj said (now remember they are 18 and 19,)  Tom's probably says c*** and his b******s, and that when Japanese people see them they will fall over laughing at them, but I have it on good authority that they say Older Brother and Younger Brother. The silly pose is how Japanese cartoons portray characters I am told, they weren't happy with the photos till it was right so I have lots of photos of them in mad poses. That's it for now Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. You are so right about the male species! My son has just/is going through similar things at the doctors and can I get any!

    Sorry to hear you are still having lots of aftershocks. I must wear on your nerves somewhat I would have thought.

    As for the millions, well what can I say? ;-)

    Love the stocking!