Friday, September 24, 2010

A beautiful Saturday spring morning.

If the world gives you lemons make Lemon Curd. First ever attempt, can't believe I've never made it before, it is delicious. A friend has promised me more lemons, so more of the golden, scrummy, lemony deliciousness, ha, how about that for Nigella inspired "over the topness".  The beach this morning, the first time I been down there since the "earthquake", beautiful day, and lots of people with there dogs enjoying the warmth.  The sliding door between the lounge and the kitchen/dining room, it now doesn't meet, in fact although it looks as if it meets at the bottom it doesn't as the right hand side is in front of the left. The left hand side wont go back into the wall cavity so that's annoying but not serious, it is just another little thing to add to the list for the Earthquake Commission to inspect and assess. Went to the market this morning it's the first time in 5 weeks with one thing and another they have'nt been open, only got veges and eggs as there wasn't anything interesting,  not all the stall owners were there today. There are big cracks across the car park but I didn't take any photos seemed inappropriate in the circumstances as there were enough jumpy people there already.Things are getting back to normal............clocks go forward to night, plans being made for garden and deck for the summer........Looking forward to the summer. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. That Lemon Curd looks delicious. Glad you got a chance to visit the beach and that things are slowly getting back to normal...whatever that is! Of course it is going to take some time to rebuild and repair.

    Thanks for your lovely comments, I would email you but don't have your address.

  2. Hi Aunt Bee

    first time to your blog.............

    I love how you are such a devoted collector..of all sorts...noticed that you live in daughter lives in St Albans.....where do you get your patchwork material from

    I am over 3 or 4 times a year and just love going off and looking for wool (Wool World I found) I thought I was in a lolly shop..would love a nice material shop can you help