Friday, September 3, 2010


A quick post to say yes we had the mother of all EARTHQUAKES at 4.33am this morning. It was the worst earthquake ever and as NZ is called the Shaky Isles we do have a few at least 25,000 a year I think. But in all my 54 years that was the worse, pitch black, only me and the "men" at home, Basil still in hospital, I've just picked him up. Three Simpsons will not fit under our table, so it was the doorways for us, the first thing we did was rush outside and check on the neighbours, we at least had a gas hob and I had got a new gas refill only on Saturday. No power, so no phone till 1pm, but oh! Lordy the after-shocks have been so bad, one at 8am was 5.5, God almighty there has been some praying done in this house today. We are o.k. our 1970's house went with the flow, but I just picked up Basil from hospital and the destruction is bad especially town, at this stage I don't know what that means for town is closed off. We know people whose house is a right off and some with business gone but we are fine and no after shocks for 1 hour now. Basil was on the 2nd floor of the hospital and awake so he has some stories to tell. That's it no photo, took some but they didn't turn out, probably because I was shaking so much. Love all Aunt Bee..........I'm off to have a shower now, the water should be warming up.And for the cat lovers, Dave is very shaken and wont come in the house, or only for food and then he's off to the relative safety of the deck.


  1. Just been speaking to Mum and Dad and they said the damage has been terrible and will run into billions! So glad to hear you are safe, a very worrying time. Thinking of you all.

  2. Just saw the news of the Beeb this morning, thank goodness that you are ok - froogs xx