Thursday, September 16, 2010

Forget the earthquake bring on the craft show.

Just some of quilts in the Quilt Exhibitions there were 4 at the Show.These are all NZ quilts, there were quilts from Australia and a group from a international blog group. Very interesting wandering around having a look before the main even" the market mall". I had a good look at everything and bought a few things, if I had more money I could have gone mad, but I was very happy with what I bought. I'm leaving that for another post as I want to have a cuppa and put my feet up, it was extremely warm in the Event Centre and quite frankly I felt  hot and dizzy at times and by the look of those having a sit down with me I wasn't the only one. This is a Craft Show with Australian shops featured, it usually only comes to the North Island, but this year it came to Christchurch, we met up with friends from the far south and they weren't the only ones from further south and north of Christchurch. It certainly looked very busy so  I hope it'll continue in the future, I'm glad I took a day off to go, because I think the weekend will be manic.Love Aunt Bee.

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