Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shaken not stirred.

Taken from Aj's work place our usual way there.
This is one of our favourite restaurants.
We went to work yesterday for a planning session, very useful it was to we had to think of every possible outcome, as we work with people who have a ID. Aj got called to work, yesterday as school doesn't go back till Monday and Uni which has been hit hard goes back the following Monday. Aj works on Saturday mornings at a building supply company so this morning I took him to work, yesterday I discovered the quickest and usual way to go is impassable with road closures and detours, so setting off this morning in the opposite direction we got there in time for 7.30am. Just some photos I took on the way this morning, the bricks are our house which after Monday nights terrible shakes, 4 over 5RS,  have finally succumbed to cracking, our neighbour who is an engineer said as they are on both sides of the house and roughly equal distance on either side he thinks that is the renovation line when the house was extended years ago. We had come to the same conclusion, it's not urgent or important in the scale of things but we have reported it to the EQC and hopefully in the next few month someone will come and check it. The worst thing is they are getting bigger as with each after- shock the poor house creaks and moans more, it has held up well but it surely will be affected by the hundeds of after- shocks we have had since Saturday. Everyone is worried about 4.33am Saturday morning, there are more that a few people terrified we will get another big one, although to be truthful we have got a little blase, with each shock and we have a game of guessing the power of each shock I;m getting very good at getting them right.  Love Aunt Bee.

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