Friday, September 10, 2010

La Boutique RIP

Back in March I showed you photos of a wonderful shop called La Boutique which was just down the road in Cranford St. What I haven't told you and please go and look at the photos because all of it has gone, the shop and all its stock have been demolished, there were a number of shops in the block and all were wrecked, the photos were everywhere as they were some of the first buildings to be condemned and bulldozed on the Sunday. I think I have the only photos of the shop as it was, so I shall be in touch with Rose at some later time and see if she wants some copies. While sitting here we have had a rumble and later a shake, we know they are getting less but we are so over it, I'm going out to check me cracks as opposed to me petunias. Love Aunt Bee.

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