Saturday, June 26, 2010

Portrait of an old bogger on a beach in Winter time.Without hat.

The World Cup is over for the All Whites, and instead of lambasting the team for not getting in to the final 16 we are still happy, undefeated in all games and going home with Italy, not to shabby.
Bugger this site is terrible when you want a photo to go somewhere else.
Seagulls are there but going back to base.
I am not happy about my foraging this week, visited 2 CS and the prices they are charging is stupid and by the lacking of customers I would say I'm not the only one who thinks so. I think the recession plus the fact people are looking for "vintage" stuff has made the "sometimes very strange old ladies "who seem to inhabit these shops, ideas of grandeur.  So I didn't buy much, which the photo will prove. The saturday market was concelled due to it was TBC," to bloody cold", as one of my clients would say, clients as in a guy I support in employment as a gardener one morning a week. Angus played his first game of rugby this week for the social team, he wasn't going to play this year and with a bruised spine, broken toe and poisoned knee he couldn't have anyway, but the coach, a teacher at the school and a number of boys asking him  to play, he said yes.It was an internal game one SBC team against another, so at school.  We had to pick him up from work and take him to the game, hope no one was offend by  him changing in the car. I loved standing on the sidelines watching him play, but I had forgot how cold it could be and I was frozen, he will help out the team when he can for the rest of the season, so I got my wish but I'm reconsidering the wisdom of it. Yes, me on the beach, thought it was time to but a face to the name,  I took the hat off my head, which now looking at the photo I should have been kept on, but suffice to say it was freezing down there yesterday and not surprisingly there was only another hardy woman and me. Oh, not to forget the dive bombing seagulls, took a photo of them after the attack, enlarge the photo if you can't see them, I was to busy throwing shells at them to get them to leave me alone, to get a close up of the horrible things. I have never been fond of them and since this second attack I am thinking of putting a bounty on them, it's not as if they are defending a nest like Magpies in Spring, no these rats of the sky are taking the p***. Nothing funnier to a seagull than giving  a middle-aged woman fright on a lonely cold beach, who said they don't have a sense of humour. Love Aunt Bee.

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