Sunday, June 6, 2010

****** computer

No photos although I have heaps, because the computer is playing up, God I hate it. So nothing to show you,  have had a very busy 2 weeks and I'm enjoying my long weekend. It's not my long weekend, it's the Queen's, her Birthday Weekend. Went to the market yesterday and saw a lovely Beswick jug, which I bought for $5.00 and as the lady hunted for a bag for me to put it in, a woman standing beside me said, " My sister had a set of those jugs, she had all three, and the lady on the stall said "Beswick dear, she had a set?  "Oh yes " said the lady, "Not just that pattern but lots of others". I said how lovely and the lady said "She had lots of lovely china but she never married you know".  I got the giggles and the lady manning the stall lifted her eyebrow, obviously she didn't need nice china if she was single or perhaps she collected china and at the expense of collecting a husband. I think it's time for computer to go to the Doctor so I don't know when I do another post, have tried using Tom's laptop but it's so confusing without a mouse, and weird settings or weird to me sometimes I think the Luddites were right and we should take notes from them, of course I wouldn't be writing this would I. Love Aunt Bee.

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