Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gee what an impressive pier.

The very impressive New Brighton pier. Really? No just joking, it's the out-fall pipe, but it looks good with the tide out.No this isn't the right photo will try again.No, it's not in this one either.O.K. I give up, if you squint at the two above photos you might just make out the pier, it's a huge concrete thing, but as I never walk that way you may never see it. I never walk that way, because there is to many people down that way and charming, friendly person that I am, I prefer the less crowded part of the beach.Chris and husband TH, bought around 2 bookcases, one for the lounge which I quickly took ownship of and filled with some of my books and mags. Not my cookbooks or my craft mags or most of my "house' mags, though they are still in the big old bookcase I heard a sigh of relief when I gave them more room to relax. I wondered aloud whether I should paint it white, Aj screamed in horror "NO", what fabric is to me, wood is to Aj. As he is making me a coffee table with glass top, which I will be able to open up as a display space, I gave in and said I wouldn't paint it. Have managed to get him to paint the coffee table though. Although  it is a small victory it is a victory none the less. The other bookcase is in Tom's room containing his growing number of books, no photos  he said, he needs some privacy, in other words his room was to messy to photo.These are the crochet circles I started in Summer, they had an unfortunate experience at my hands and as I couldn't bear to undo them, I'm making something like cushions or maybe a small rug, I don't like to plan these things, I'm more the free-wheeling creative type or I could be the oops that's a mistake I'll have to fix somehow and pretend it was what I intended all along type.That's it for now, it's freezing and I'm going to cook a curry for dinner, something to warm up our insides, because our outsides are very cold. Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. I tried looking, but am short sighted so couldn't see it in the distance! ;-D There is still space in the bookcase! Can't have that now can we?

    Hope the curry did its job.