Sunday, June 20, 2010

I hate it when I have money to spend and nothing to show for it.

The Enid Blyton has lovely illustrations, printed 1968 and dear old Noddy and  a lovely wee dish of a winter's scene. That's all from the weekend.

Things are so desperate I have to show my breakfast, but I'm obsessed with New World's cheese bread, a bargain at $1.99 a loaf, with Vegebite, I love this stuff, took ages before I bought any and now I guard it with my life, Baz has developed a liking for it, which wont do at all. Sad sack that I am I have the same breakfast every morning, note breakfast at computer table, Lord I'm letting you see some of my bad habits.
I've not mentioned the World Cup, Baz wakes me up every morning when he comes to bed, and tells me the scores, I'm not staying up to 2am to watch the matches as some of my colleagues are doing. We keep track of the results at work, and we have been happy "kiwis" with the first ever New Zealand pt. at a World Cup. But tomorrow will be the big game Italy, I shall be praying for a miracle, and hoping for a draw or a not too humilating defeat. I shall go to bed now as I have had a busy weekend with my taxi service booked up by the "men". Love Aunt Bee.

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