Saturday, March 6, 2010

Calling Dr. Vege, tomato emergency.

Gosh we are clever in NZ we can grow tomatoes horizontally.Plenty of tomatoes, but all green.
I've been out in the garden , weeding the vege patch and preparing the ground for some winter vege, brussel sprouts, onions and cabbage. This brings me to my "triffid" the tomato plant, I need a Doctor for it, I not sure what to do, the summer has been so bad that although I have lots of tomatoes on it they are green. What should I do, it's definitely getting cooler, the mornings are darker, there has been some heavy falls of dew and I'm worried about an early frost, so do  1. pick them soon to ripen on the window sill, 2. pick and make chutney or fry them in parmarsan (excuse spelling) and cornmeal. 3. leave them and hope we get a late blast of sunny days or leave another month and hope for the best. Answer on the back of a postcard don't do that, just my little joke. But all thoughts will be gladly appreciated.  The agapanthas are all done and the roses are gracefully losing their flowers, I might go to the Ellersie Flower Show next week,it's starting next Wednesday, just to see how they keep everything perfectly blooming till March, I bet they cheat somehow.   Oh I forgot too mention that the window sill for ripening the tomatoes gets little sun, the forces of nature are working against me, I could but them in the lounge window but would that make me one of those strange old ladies of my youth, read my mother who had tomatoes ripening all the house. No Contessa you don't have to reply to that comment. Love Aunt Bee.

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