Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toes, and Temption (the devil made me buy them).

The toes broken, 2 next to the littlest piggy.Magazines bought this week, bad, bad Aunt Bee, I stopped buying magazines as a economy measure and I've been so good, I've bought myself 3 new magazines this week, yikes and it's still Lent, to be fair I never gave up magazines for Lent, I couldn't I'm so easily tempted. I love magazines especially English ones and craft ones from Oz. The Rebecca Shaw was from the Library, I've been waiting months at one stage I was 44th in line, so she is popular then.While bringing in the washing Wednesday night ,the sky turned to this in a few seconds and the temperature plummeted as a southerly came through. I love photographing the sky as you might have noticed, really would love to have a good camera, imagine all the sky photos I could show you............... admit it you would love it.And lastly this, my oops ok I bought 4 magazines this week forgot this wonderful NZ Gardner, which to be fair isn't a magazine more a work book, or a essential part of Mayberry House's get back to the old days of self sufficency. The gingerbread man is a treat, and the tea a reviving necessity after a stressful day at work, all the days at work have been stressful this week. Below is a story of one of those times.
It's been an interesting week, with Aj's toes the main focus, the dear darling boy, rang me at work a week ago to say he was in agony he thought he had broken his toes. I raced home in Florence Nightengale mode yes saying that doesn't sit very well with me either, but home I raced. To find the boy on the couch in pain with 2 very swollen toes which he has crunched at "touch " you know ''touch" the gentler form of rugby, in fact another player had crunched his toes, but it was ok, becos he was a member of the 1st Fifteen. Of course I said were you wearing shoes?   come on you know the answer to that don't you, boys got to love them or your'd kill them. Anyway the doc couldn't see him, the nurse said they were broken but they don't really do anything for broken toes these days..........which of course meant a weekend of pain and an eventually a doctors visit, his toes were taped by the school nurse so that was good, pain killers were prescribed and he is in pain  but brave boy he is carrying on with school and work. Of course this comes after his back injury at wrestling so he has done no sport for 5 weeks and that is 5 weeks to long, he is the kind of boy who needs to run off some energy or otherwise he starts getting smart.He was giving me grief this morning, so I asked him if it hurt to have his toes taped and he said yes it did, so I said I have to do them for you tomorrow and I'm going to make them hurt worse than her, yes mother wins again.

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  1. Hi it,s cottonreel , yes I,m a magazine freak and I love Olive , I,ve mags,. in my garage going back years , when I think of the cost I blanch .
    Read my blog today it,s related to the Olive mags I bought