Monday, March 15, 2010

Let there be light I commanded, and low and behold there was a tomato.

Note the beautiful day and the use of safety equipment, obviously "real men" don't mind losing toes.
I came home this afternoon to see that in a fit of Autumn cleaning Basil and his pressganged helper Aj were in the back garden, chopping the big tree and had removed a smaller one near the garage. I know some people get a bit strange about trees and chopping them, but last winter made me determind to cut the big tree right back as it blocks any morning sun, which is very little as is, so we have decided it will go down to the fence line.
The advice from Dad re tomato plant was to trim the outer leaves to get some light in and I did,  result one orange not quite red tomato, much excitement from me, as the others are sure to get the idea and follow suit.
Made my delicious truffles for drinks and nibbles at friends house took them in this cute retro looking tim.We had a great night, the next work "do" is at Mayberry House for midwinter dinner. I got Nigella's Christmas book out of the library last week for inspiration, as I'm already starting to panic and it's not till  June.  My one coloured tomato deserves to be shown twice, or the real version don't know how that happened but as it is a thing of beauty feast your eyes. Love Aunt Bee. Gorgeous day but is supposed to drop 20 degrees with a southwesterly front coming in tonight, are vargaries of Autumn, I love it.

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