Monday, February 22, 2010

A mystery.

I  thought  I would show you my Agatha Christie collection, books (there are more) and DVD's, (there are more). Aggie as she is known in this family is my favourite number one author, she has been there  up there for  40 odd years and lets face some years have been very odd. I re-read them, which some people think is strange, and we often watch the DVD's( all seen before) if we are feed up with whats on TV. Aj loves Poirot and so does Basil he actually thinks he should have been around in the 30's. I did point out to really enjoy the 30's as portrayed in the stories he would have to be born rich, as the alternative is not that inviting, I couldn't see him tugging his fetlock or some such other thing saying "Yes Sir, I'll get on to right away".  I love everything, Poirot, and Miss Marple even Harley Quinn and the not so engaging Tommy and the annoying Tuppence, not to fussy over the actresses that have played Miss Marple don't have  a particulat favourite, although I am having a hard job imagining Julia McKenzie as Miss M. But I did see a DVD down at the mall starring her in it and as it hasn't been on telly yet, I'm thinking about buying it this week.  Of course it's Tom's birthday on the 1st of  March, he will be 19, he is a lovely young man, he's just started his 2nd year at Uni, he's dropped Law or that could be the other way round and he is doing Classics and Philosophy. I wont go into details, but his birth was a bit fraught and slightly truamatic, and I as I lay in the hospital recovering, Doogie Howsier came in and said I should be grateful I had him, and he was a miracle and it was unlikely I would have anymore children. 14 months later Aj was born and after that miracle we decided we had had our share, but I have never forgot that snotty little twit and his non-existent bedside manner.  You can see I have got over it well. So Tom's birthday looms and instead of buying the DVD for me, there is some thought I should get him a book with the voucher I printed off for a well known book shop and perhaps use the 50% offer off another book on him too. He's a great reader, thank goodness, as opposed to Aj, who comes out in hives if a book is anywhere near him. I shall also be making a dressing gown using the kimono patten and some Japanese style fabric, he loves or loved Japanese stuff, comics, food and history but when it came to learning Japanese he was terrible I don't think he knew being good at Kendo didn't automatically mean you would  be good at Japanese. Not a lot of photos, yes I have lost so many, the "men" are grumpy with me for being useless, I'll live. To hot to cook, so I'm off down the mall for cold meat and some salads for dinner. It is so hot here, but as the Aussie cricket team is arriving on Wednesday I'm sure the weather will change. If we can't beat them , we can have a fighting chance by freezing them, we have done it before, it's our only hope, Love Aunt Bee.

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