Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tell me you have had a worse week?

O.k. here is the story from the horse's mouth. Last Wednesday I asked Basil seeing it was his day off could he do the registration on my car, I would leave him my money card (you know the one no-one is supposed to know the pin no. for) and then left for work in the said car. I got about a third of the way to work and then realised I had taken the car, although not essential for it's registration but as it was overdue by one day I had'nt wanted to drive it. One good thing to note, I have  found a quicker way to work the day before. I have told you that because there isn't much good  things in this story. Returned home, left my car and took Basil's. Basil rang me at work, he couldn't get a new " rego" as the car hadn't got a current Warrent of Fitness (WOF), I had apparently not done that when it was due in November 2009, so dear husband took car to WOF place near home presuming it would pass and they failed it. Rang dealership where we bought the car from and who have done all our warrents and said what had happened and they said they would fix everything straight  away. Grateful thanks for doing it so quickly,  but with much trepidation as to cost. They did get everything fixed , did the WOF and Basil returned to Post Office to do rego. I of course asked how much this had cost and he told a fairly reasonable figure plus $3.50, which when I asked what the $3.50 was for,  he replied I had bought him a well earned coffee.  He had the Thursday off but at 5.30pm  Wednesday night as we were discussing the mad day, he was called back to do a 12 hour hospital guard and so that really ended,what had been "a perfect day". To add to the chaos this week, I put $20.00 of petrol in my car this morning only to realise I had left my money card at home, husband had still had it, threw my wallet at the attendant as guarentee and raced home and got it, drove back to the petrol station paid my bill and went to work. I have decided to have a quiet stay at home this weekend. Only bright note made delicious Plum and Chilli sauce, although I got only one jar out of the plums, as so many of them had gone rotten, it is the most delicious sauce in the history of sauces, Aj said good enough to sell, high praise indeed.  Can't find my photos, so that's in keeping with therest of the week then isn't it,  Oh! I forgot to say I got up at 4am. to show Basil how to do something on the computer before he started work on the early shift ,as if you hadn't guessed, so here I am knackered but feeling better I have shared some of the week from hell with you, some parts of this story have been edited as I don't thing you need to read swear words but you can put them in yourself were appropriate, also there were other happenings which I have censored due to the fact I quite like my men and I want them to have some secrets. You know how it is they think I tell you everything. Ha, now that would be quite a different blog. Love to all Aunt Bee.

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